Love is Respect.

It's recess! Pupils are milling about the yard. They move around and interact with each other and share their thoughts. If they don't get to interact for a while they can get sadder. There are a few angry, red bullies who will make other pupils sad too. 

But you can intervene! You can bring people together and they will be happier for it. You only have time for ten interventions. Click on the play area and nearby people will head towards your click. Not answering violence with violence but getting people to interact and recognise each other. You have one hundred seconds to play. 

The game also simulates what happens if you don't intervene so you can get a sense of what difference you have made. There is a parallel version of the game arena running at the same time which begins to diverge as soon as the player intervenes in the main play area.

This game was made for the Life.Love Game Design Challenge 2018

Game assets:

If the browser version is slow try the Android or Windows versions.

Thanks for playing!


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